The reason why I got involved with Nkabom a hospital in Ghana:

Dr. Hans Mayer:”I have been actively working in hospitals my entire career. I my opinion basic medical supply is an important human right that shouldn`t be denied anyone for financial reasons. A spiritual and healing touch were brought to Germany through the Aidoo family from Ghana. The thought of a hospital being built in Ghana for the benefit of everyone in the area, through our financial contribution, fills me with joy. That is how a cycle of giving and receiving of spiritual and material values can be formed.”

Beate 7-Reucher:”It´s exciting for me to see how a vision from hearts desire becomes reality, in small steps through teamwork and dedication. In gratitude I would like to do my part for the successful accomplishment of the entire work.”

Jana Mayer:” I have visited Ghana three times as part of volunteer service in an orphanage and have perceived the country as open-minded and warm. However through my boyfriend I have seen necessities in medical supplies. During my last visit in Ghana I visited the school that was established and is being managed by the Aidoo Family in laborious long lasting years of work. I am certain that the Aidoo family will build and establish this hospital successfully with patience and endurance.”